Six up and coming curators shaping art in Hong Kong


From independent curators to directors of major institutions, meet the individuals shaping perceptions of art in Hong Kong

Originating from the Latin word ‘curare’, meaning ‘to take care’, curators are the ones who bring exhibitions to life. Masters of multi-tasking, they are scholars, anthropologists, managers and often artists themselves. Time Out brings together six young curators working in various art spaces, from public institution to artist-run space, to discover how they’re helping shape the local art scene. Art direction by Phoebe Cheng. Photography by Calvin Sit

Chantal Wong – Co-founder, Things That Can Happen
"I should confess that I don't really see myself as a curator. I'd say we're more like collaborators, producers." Read more


Isaac Leung – Chairman of Videotage
"I believe a good curator should play the role of a bad guy – by doing the right thing in the wrong place, and the wrong thing in the right place."
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Christina Li – Director and curator, Spring Workshop
"The work of a curator should help highlight perspectives that ought to be put to the fore but, for whatever reasons aren't." Read more


Kwok Ying – Independent curator
"In HK a curator is often mistranslated as a fund-raiser or marketer, which leaves a big hole in the goal of creating a context for communicating art." Read more


Qinyi Lim – Curator, Para Site
"Some add to the encounter by extrapolating on the works and the exhibition theme; some discuss in a more rigorous, intellectual manner."
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Yung Ma – Curator of moving image, M+
"We always talk about what Hong Kong's lacking, but I think it's because we're changing too fast, a lot of things are trying to catch up."
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