Four must-see artists at Art Central 2016


More than 100 galleries from 20 countries are taking centre stage at the harbourfront, showing off some of the world's best art. There are a number of talks, films and kids’ activities, as well as some of the city's hottest eateries. Not just an excellent warm up for Art Basel, Art Central is a great event in its own right. We round up four must-see artists from this year's fair

Yigal Ozeri, Zemack Contemporary Art
Just a photograph of a beautiful brunette, right? Wrong. This expertly executed artwork by Israeli artist Yigal Ozeri is in fact an oil painting. Everything here, from the flaky wall paint to the graffiti on the wood panel, compels the viewer to take a closer look. Ozeri’s pieces, often of women in lush surroundings, are created from photographs – the artist first takes a picture of a scene and works off that image to create his large-scale, hyper-realistic paintings.

Satoru Tamura, Tezukayama Gallery
Destruction of meaning is central to Japanese kinetic artist and sculptor Satoru Tamura’s work. In Love Machine, Tamura masterfully displays this concept by combining the mechanical functions of chains, gears and motors with the word ‘love’. This juxtaposition is an attempt to detract all meaning and emotion from one of language’s most powerful words.

Anthony White, Metro Gallery
Australian artist Anthony White evokes synaesthetic experiences through the use of bright colours and bold brushstrokes. As seen in the above piece, Restraint, his work depicts landscapes and urban environments, and looks to the abstract movements of the 1950s while remaining rich in both tone and texture.

Jacky Tsai, Cat Street Gallery
Known for merging Eastern and Western concepts into his art, local hero Tsai has previously worked with fashion houses like Shanghai Tang and Alexander McQueen. At Art Central, Tsai is displaying a range of pieces crafted out of a variety of different mediums. The combination of two cultures is beautifully reflected in pieces like Pow Pow Pow, a lacquer carving on wood, in which techniques often associated with Eastern artistic practices are used to create images of Western superheroes, such as Wonder Woman.


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