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Is Hong Kong suffering from a plague o

"Of course there are rats! It wouldn’t be the market without them!"

HK Profile: Board game developers Ray

"Geeky is not a bad thing. It means that you’re interested and passionate about something"

The final frontier: What does the futu

We investigate the rising tensions between developers and local residents in the New Territories

Hong Kong Profile: Zac Purton, Hong Ko

“The first six months was difficult. But I love the racing in HK, I love the city. I decided to stick it out.”

Interview: Luis de Matos – The Illut

The illustrious member of The Illusionists talks to us about 'being the magic'

Interview: Brian Stevenson – Preside

"Suddenly this guy came dashing across, wearing only his running shoes. I thought “Jesus Christ! That’s a streaker!”

Hong Kong Profile: Mui Thomas – Rugb

"If I had a different life, I'm sure I wouldn't have what I have now – contentment."

HK's Elite Rugby Programme: Meet the b

Meet the players and coaches of the Elite Rugby Programme spearheading HK's rugby dream

Hong Kong’s Top 10: Rugby Sevens fan

A roundup of the 10 types of fans that you're likely to see at the event

HK Profile: Anshuman Rath – HK's you

“Hong Kong is on the rise. People should understand how we are doing incredible things on the world stage."

Top 10 Chinese kung fu styles

Wing chun, praying mantis style, eagle claw! - we've got them all covered

Hong Kong’s Top 10: Foodie stereotyp

How many of these foodie stereotypes do you fit into?

Hong Kong's Top 10: Things to do when

Awesome things to do alone in the city (because doing things with people is overrated)

Date Our Readers 2016

Start a new romance with one of our lovable readers. And dinner's on us!

Date Our Readers revisited (Kitty)

A former DOR entrant talks about her experience – and why she’s still with the same reader one year on

Hong Kong Profile: Mok Kim-wing – Fo

Discover the groundbreaking techniques that these disabled runners use

10 reasons to love Hong Kong

As well as all the obvious reasons to love our glorious city, here are a few added extras

Hong Kong's Top 10: Ways to spend $200

In line with our 200th issue, we've come up with the best ways to spend $200

HK Profile: Dr Michael Pittman – Ver

"I used to watch Indiana Jones and be like ‘oh, I wanna be an archaeologist!’”

Hong Kong's Top 10: Activities to pass

With the mercury plummeting here are our top tips to get by

Hong Kong Profile: Letao Wang - Astrol

Meet the man seeing the past, present and future

In pictures: Hidden Hong Kong – Hill

The gods of Chinese folk religion watch over the countryside

Time Out Hong Kong 200th issue quiz

Hong Kong: We want you! Tell us what you love about the city

Post-it note confessions: What’s the

Time Out readers' comically candid confessions...

Hong Kong's Top 10: Rich List

Richest neighbourhood, woman, man and more

HK Profile: Ines Gafsi and Anna Wong

Women helping women achieve there dreams

A Vertical Victory! Suzy Walsham wins

The vertical running champion sprinted up ICC in under 15 minutes last weekend

Can you find HK (and Shenzhen) in this

US artist's line drawings of the world's subways

Dashboard dwellings: Taxi Art photogra

A photography book that showcases the cultural novelty of the inside of local taxis

Time Out Hong Kong's porn survey

The results are in. Porn – how do you do it?

Post-it note confessions: What’s you

Time Out readers' comically candid confessions...

Medical bills: A look into the Hospita

Discontent grows among HK doctors as long term salary adjustment system remains unresolved

Hong Kong's Top 10: Members' clubs

We round up the best spots to kick back and relax... only if you're a member though!

Hong Kong Profile: Bruno Gabriel - Mal

We look past the baby oil and whipped cream to discover the secret world of male stripping