New in town: Dizzi


New Magnum Entertainment club has us dazed and confused

What should you do when spirits are high and (alcohol) tolerance is low? Hit new club Dizzi, of course, which promises to get patrons giddy even before the alcohol kicks in. Sandwiched between the cluster of clubs that are Play and Levels, Dizzi promises an experience like no other. As you step, literally, into the eye of the clubbing storm take heed, as your head might be in for more of a spin than you expect.

As the name suggests, Dizzi’s interior corridor is a complex vortex of colourful whirls and swirls, bending and weaving as you walk through (just keep reminding yourself that the twirls are just a 60ft mural). The entire entrance is reminiscent of a house of fun maze – awesome at one point, terrifying the next. Walking further in, you might be mesmerised by the metallic bubble fixture up top, an assortment of all shapes of sizes, or the swirling neon circles by the bar. But hey, the actual dancing area is standard by comparison. There’s the usual laser light, disco ball and leather seating set up, oh, and a few poles too, for friskier club-goers. Opened by the Magnum Entertainment Group, which also operates Magnum and Beijing Club, Dizzi is aimed at a younger crew and boasts a 7,000sq ft space to get wasted in. Also, like their other establishments, this latest Magnum opening offers a lucrative membership programme and is probably best known for its bottle service – de rigeur among the well-cut yuppies of our time.

For those who can stomach the topsy-turvy sights, it’s a clubbing experience that promises to take you to new visual heights. Ysabelle Cheung

Dizzi 3/F, On Hing Bldg, 1 On Hing Terrace, Central, 2973 0188; Thu-Sat 11pm-late.


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