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Interview: Leandro Ming – The Backro

"I want to get HK back on the map. Everybody goes to Bangkok and Taipei but I want people to come here."

Margaret Cho talks comedy, homophobia

We talk to one of America’s funniest and most forthright comedians ahead of her first-ever shows in Asia

Briefs: The world's premier all-boy bu

The first all-boy burlesque troupe are wowing us at Udderbelly

Interview: Todd Sears - Founder of Out

Workplace equality and LGBT inclusion as a business driver

Artist Wu Tsang on her new film explor

"Queer people didn’t really have official histories, so we have to interpret the past”

Director John Catania on the HK premie

"There aren’t many English language stories about Asian and Asian American experiences in queer culture"

Interview: Mr Gay Hong Kong, Mass Luci

“As Mr Gay Hong Kong, it’s very important for me to make sure that the clothes are produced here and not in China"

Front Cover interview with director an

We chat about everything, including whether Hong Kong is becoming more accepting of the LGBTI community

Meet the cast of China's first ever LG

“If we can show people what gay life can be like, more people will be willing to come out.”

Pink Dot Hong Kong 2015

The LGBT event returns to Tamar Park this September

Peter Le Birthday Bash

International Asian American porn star Peter Le celebrates his birthday in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festiva

The festival returns bigger than ever with its 26th edition, Viva Asia, running from September 19 to October 10

Interview: DJ Angus Wong on his new mo

“It’s not about being pretty or shirtless. I want interesting gays, creative gays and alternative gays.”

Interview: 'Love Sick' director Rachy

“There’s a market for wholesome love stories, whether they are gay or straight"

Sex and meth: Why 'chem-fun' is rife a

"Ice is an absolute gateway to HIV"

Bisexuality – overlooked and misunde

The stories of three bi individuals and their struggle to be accepted

Why HK village traditions are sexist a

We explore the contentious opinions held in some HK village cultures

Night Flight

LGBT filmmaker Leesong Hee-il's coming-of-age tale of friendship, love and redemption

Interview: Eric Herrera - Fruits in Su

We bid farewell to the brains behind HK's longest running LGBTI networking event

Bent Disco

Is Hong Kong’s disco scene prepared to get bent?

The second Asia LGBT Milestone Awards

The regional diversity awards for LGBT minorities is set to return in Bangkok

Interview: GJ Matten of ‘gay bombing

GJ Mattens of Hong Kong ‘gay bombing’ group Guerilla HK tells Arthur Tam about taking over the city’s straight bars

Q&A: Ricardo Pereira

The former doorman at Propaganda talks to us about leaving his iconic post

Will the LGBT Workplace Index be succe

Amanda Sheppard explains the importance of the recently launched LGBT Workplace Index in HK

Interview: Harper Bliss - French Kiss

We talk to lesbian erotica writer Harper Bliss about her steamy new novel

Pink Season 2014

There are rainbows in the sky, which means we are transitioning out of summer and into Pink Season. Explore what this year’s season has to offer

Mr Gay Hong Kong 2013, Michael Morrill

We talk with Michael Morrill as he leaves our city due to prejudiced views on the HIV virus

Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festiva

We talk to director Joe Lam about the focus of this year's festival

Gay events are happening in mainstream

We talk to customers about mainstream bars hosting gay events and whether they think it’s a detriment to the LGBTI community

Interview: Dr Travis Kong - Oral Histo

New book by HKU associate professor sheds light on HK's ageing gay male community

Exploring the EOC's new feasability st

Feasibility study aims to shed light on discrimination experienced by LGBTI community

Anti-gay groups are slamming one youth

A charity which supports homosexual kids is under attack from anti-gay conservative groups

Pink Dot Hong Kong

The new event bringing together gay and straight communities

Open Verdict by Ken Bridgewater

The new book investigating the scandalous 1980 murder of John MacClennan

Herman Wong: Come and Go

Herman Wong explores the emotional detachment of the gay scene through art