Dinosaurs Live!


Picture it now: you’re in a dense jungle, mosquitoes the size of your hand are buzzing menacingly around your head and then a huge roar shatters the humid air and a monstrous, terrifying shape crashes into view through the dense undergrowth in front of you. It’s a T-Rex, the king of the dinosaurs. And you’re face-to-face. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Well, maybe this harrowing scene, reminiscent of classic dino flick Jurassic Park, could have happened if you were roaming the Earth more than 250 million years ago. But, surely, it couldn’t happen in 2013. Could it?

Yes it could. If you get yourself over to Macau between now and October 1, that is. The Venetian Macao has just launched Dinosaurs Live at The Venetian, an exciting exhibition which really does bring these prehistoric lizards frighteningly back to life. Get ready to encounter the sail-backed Dimetrodon, the ruthlessly intelligent Velociraptor and the daddy of them all, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, along with 27 other dinosaurs in all their animatronic glory.

The international touring exhibition Dinosaurs Live has already been enjoyed by more than half a million prehistoric beast lovers across Europe and Asia. People of all ages can travel 250 million years back in time to see the terrible lizards move around their natural habitats. And they can also enjoy other dinosaur related features in the expo too… 

Thirty animatronic dinosaurs

The central attraction of Dinosaurs Live is 30 lifelike animatronic models that move, blink and breathe like the real creatures. “Anyone who’s ever wondered exactly how these magnificent creatures looked, moved and sounded should relish the opportunity to find out,” says a Venetian spokesman. “The dinosaurs wriggle their claws, move their eyes and abdomens, emit sounds and light, and act very lifelike indeed.”

The 2,500sq m CotaiExpo Hall F at The Venetian has been transformed into a huge jungle, where visitors can immerse themselves in the natural conditions that beasts like the Ankylosaurus and the Spinosaurus faced during their time on Earth. Meticulous attention to every detail has been paid by the creators so the behaviours of these dinosaurs are true to life. Furthermore, information about the dinosaurs’ habitats and lifestyles are provided to give an educational experience. “Once you’ve seen 3D dinosaurs in the flesh, so to speak,” says the spokesman, “you’ll never think about them in the same way again.” 

A dinosaur ride

Ever dreamt of riding on the back of a dinosaur? Probably not – but nevertheless you can enjoy this experience at Dinosaurs Live. Visitors can ride on the backs of three of the dinosaurs: the Protoceratops, the Triceratops and the Iguanodon. Play with the Protoceratops’ proud neck frills, look out for the Triceratops’ sharp horns and stand tall on the Iguanodon’s back. Learn even more about the dinosaurs by touching and interacting with them. If, of course, you dare… 

A 3D dinosaur film

Dinosaurs in 3D! Check out a rare screening of three-dimensional dinosaur footage at the expo for an extra $20 entry fee. Following in the giant footsteps of the 3D version of Jurassic Park, which was released in April, Dinosaurs Live shows our fearsome friends as lifelike as they can be. The dinosaurs featured in this film promise to be ‘as realistic as those in the centrepiece’.  

Shop at the DinoStore

So you’ve trekked through the jungles, encountered 30 prehistoric giants and seen them in 3D on the big screen. Now it’s time to take home a part of the prehistoric world at the DinoStore. The shop carries unique dinosaur paraphernalia and mementos, which are appropriate for all ages. So pick up some souvenirs and turn the clock forward 250 million years as you leave The Venetian and head for a much, much safer home back in 2013. 

The Venetian Macao, CotaiExpo Hall F Until Oct 1 Tickets: $80 adults, $50 children venetianmacao.com


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