Udderbelly Festival 2015-16: Eleven shows to see


As Udderbelly Festival lands at Central Harbourfront, we pick out the shows that stand out from the herd.

Dec 4-Feb 14, Central Harbourfront Event Space, Central; hkticketing.com, ticketflap.comudderbelly.asia.

Udderbelly Festival: Top 11 picks

The Boy with Tape on His Face
(Dec 17-19, various times)
How does one do stand-up comedy without speaking a word? The Boy transcends barriers of language and culture with his delightful mixture of old-school mime, audience interaction and simple props. You'll be lost for words come the end of the show!


Eman Lam (Dec 25-27, various times)
One of Hong Kong's most beloved and witty singer-songwriters, Eman Lam, formerly of at17, will melt your heart with her unique voice as she sings hilarious yet poignant songs about love and its hardships.


Brainiac Live (Dec 29-Jan 10, various times)
The award-winning science TV show comes alive on stage, delving into the world of science, doing all those dangerous experiments you wish you'd done in science class! From electricity to explosions, these mischevious scientists will take you on a weird and wonderful ride to discover the hidden (and random) mysteries of the universe!


A Simple Space
(Jan 7-17, various times)
Presented by Gravity & Other Myths, a multi award-winning Australian ensemble consisting of seven acrobats and a drummer. This show puts you as close as you're ever gonna get to acrobats in action. Sitting there you can feel the heat, see the sweat, and hear every breath as they toss and tumble rightin front of you.


We're Going on a Bear Hunt
(Jan 7-17, various times
Adapted from the award-winning picture book written by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury, this show directed by Sally Cookson is about a family that goes on an adventure in search for a growling bear. Chant along with the kids, "We're going on a bear hunt, we're going to catch a big one, whata beautiful day..."


The Elephant in the Room
(Jan 12-17, various times)

Think circuses are all about clowns? Think again. International touring company Cirque Le Roux forge a dark and fascinating fusion of film noir and circus in The Elephant in the Room. A comedic whodunnit set in the 1930s, the story revolves around a femme fatale, a stern husband, an American stranger and a bumbling butler. With music from Tchaikovsky to Frank Sinatra, expect a night of the blackest humour…


Close Up (Jan 19-31,various times)
A new creation by Yaron Lifschitz, artistic director of CIRCA, Close Up is no ordinary circus performance. Without flashy costumes and dazzling lights, this toned-down show lets you focus on the jaw-dropping agility and skill of the acrobats. It's one of the most intimate circus performancesout there, one that's as artsyas it is acrobatic.


Russell Howard (Jan 22-23, various times)
Star of the top-rated UK TV show Russell Howard's Good News, Howard is one of the biggest and funniest names in Britain's comedy world. With sold out shows in every arena he's performed in, don't miss out on his debut performance in the SAR!


Briefs (Jan 26-30, various times)
Presented by a critically-acclaimed all-male cabaret and burlesque ensemble from Australia, Briefs is going to make you laugh your pants off. These seven witty and talented drag queens combine magic, acrobats, dance, trapeze and lip-sync, to create a glamourous and sexy night! Make way for the boylesque!


Beardyman – One Album Per Hour
(Feb 2-3, 9pm)
Uber talented Darren Foreman, aka Beardyman, has an unbelievable amount of trick up his musical sleeve. In one hour he improvises a whole album simply from his own stream of consciousness and suggestions from the live audience. He sings, beatboxes, plays a keyboard and drum machines and taps on his elaborate electronic instrumentto create a constant flow of hilarious parodies and studio-quality songs that cross musical genres.


Erth's Dinosaur Zoo (Feb 11-14)
Always wanted to see a dinosaur? Here's your chance! Dinosaur Zoo is bringing a bunch of dinos back to life, from cute baby triceratops to the gnarly T-rex. Kids can even get right up close, if they dare! Good luck explaining to the kids afterwards why they can't get a pet parasaurolophus next Christmas… Feb 11-14, English performances 10am, 3pm; Cantonese performances midday, 5pm.

Udderbelly Festival, Central Harbourfront Event Space, until Feb 14. For the full schedule of events, visit udderbelly.asia. Tickets are available at hkticketing.com and ticketflap.com.  


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