Duck Hunter Shoots Angel

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Jul 2-Jul 5

What becomes of life after death? This eternal question has been contemplated repeatedly by New York Times bestselling author, playwright, and screenwriter, Mitch Albom, who penned popular books Tuesdays with Morrie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven. The characters in his first play and comedic script, Duck Hunter Shoots Angel, leave little to be decided, and instead choose to leave their fate to chance. 

This is the work that Boney Show productions have decided to recreate, with Ronald Lee at the helm of the production, adapting the script to Cantonese. The aptly titled play chronicles the lives of Duane and Duwell, two blundering hunters from the American South, who are distraught when they come to believe they have shot an angel down from the heavens.

The viciousness of the human condition takes the form of an exploitative tabloid editor, reluctant reporter and loathsome photographer. Together with the young clerk of a nearby petrol station, the unlikely bunch join the bumbling brothers in the search for the fallen angel, while the audience discover the true lengths a hungry tabloid writer will go to in pursuit of a story.

The play is intriguing, quirky, and just that little bit bizarre – it also features a hybrid human/alligator creature, for good measure. However, there is perhaps no better team to stage it than Boney Show, who produced The Suicide Shop to rave reviews last year. A quintessentially American story may seem an odd choice for a locally based theatre company, but while the staging may be inherently American, the exploration of redemption, identity and sensationalism are universal and transcend physical spaces. Amanda Sheppard

Duck Hunter Shoots Angel HKCC, Studio Theatre, Jul 2-5. Tickets: $130-$180; Performed in Cantonese.


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