Breakfast at Tiffany's

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Jul 10-Jul 12

It’s claimed that Truman Capote was displeased with the casting of Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly – she wasn’t as rough around the edges or as melancholic as he had envisaged. Nonetheless, oozing sophistication, Hepburn’s Golightly became synonymous with grace and glamour, with the subtle undercurrent of a tragic wanderer, despite not being in keeping with the tempestuous character Capote had written.

Gabriella So is set to recreate Hepburn’s famed socialite. Set in Manhattan in the 1940s, the tale sees young Holly Golightly fraternise with mafia men and millionaires alike. She spends her days between her Upper East Side apartment and expensive restaurants, with men vying every which way for her attention, but the eternal drifter simply isn’t having it. 

Hong Kong’s own rising starlet, Gabriella So, pays homage to Hepburn’s iconic performance, taking on the role of the self-confessed heartbreaker, adapting the iconic character further in a unique one-woman-show. Her retelling comes with an added twist – the production is narrated by Holly’s heroine, Catherine Earnshaw, the protagonist of Wuthering Heights. So, who returned to Hong Kong in 2012, having graduated from UCLA and worked under big Hollywood names, including the likes of Will Smith, is ideal for the role with her own wanderer’s past.

Broadway productions such as Mamma Mia! and The Sound of Music have been met with packed houses in recent years, so the timing couldn’t be more fitting. What makes the staging even more special is the fact that it’s a local production, and one which looks set to transplant the glitz and glam of the Upper East Side to the Fragrant Harbour with ease. Hannah Hodson

Breakfast at Tiffany’s McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Jul 10-12. Tickets: $100-$150; Performed in English and Cantonese (see schedule).


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