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The House of Dancing Water is five! And it’s making waves by accompanying its fifth anniversary with some exciting news. Eunice Tsang finds out more

When Time Out initially first talked to Franco Dragone The House of Dancing Water was still a mysterious new production. At that time, the show’s producer and artistic director told us, “Throughout history, people used to gather around water sources. So, in a sense, water is the element that is symbolic of life.” That’s rather prophetic when you consider that the show is still thriving after five years, attracting people from all over the world. The House of Dancing Water, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary this November, quickly built a reputation for itself as being the must-see show in Macau, and has undoubtedly become an icon of the SAR’s burgeoning cultural and entertainment scene, wowing more than 3.2 million spectators since its premiere in 2010.

Dragone is the critically acclaimed Italian-Belgian director and one of the masterminds behind Cirque du Soleil, and under his belt are some of the most extravagant and impressive shows of our time. The House of Dancing Water was the first-ever water-based stage performance in Asia, and the most expensive too, with the production costing an incredible $2 billion so far. The stage alone is a feat of imagination. Located in the City of Dreams complex, it has a custom-built pool that contains 3.7 million gallons of water, more than five times the amount of water that an Olympic-size swimming pool contains. With more than 80 performers including world-class acrobats, dancers, contortionists and motorcyclists (yes, you read that correctly), the narrative is by comparison simple – a typical tale of romance, courage and beauty, about a mysterious young stranger who falls in love with a princess who has been ensnared by the Dark Queen. Enlisting the help of the Fisherman, the Stranger battles the Dark Queen in order to rescue the love of his life. As always with Dragone’s productions, you are kept at the edge of your seat by the abundance of mind-boggling acrobatic performers – spinning, flying, dancing, catapulting, and most breathtakingly, diving from a dizzying height of 24.5 metres. For comparison – that’s bloody high. There’re also funky five-metre tall giraffe puppets on stilts and five freaky sharks operated by divers. As if that’s not enough, Dragone has hired costume designer Suzy Benzinger, who has worked on numerous Broadway productions before, to create 400 original costumes, all made of water-resistant neoprene and studded with Swarovski crystals for that essential spot of bling.

The celebrations roll on into December with a slew of special offers for anyone buying tickets between now and December 15 for shows until December 19. If you buy a B reserve ticket, not only do you get to enjoy a free upgrade to A reserve (saving up to $200 per ticket), but you can also participate in the fifth anniversary lucky draw, with 555 top prizes up for grabs. The grand prize is a cruise holiday for four on Costa Victoria. There are also five Nikon D3300 DSLR cameras, nine one-night stays at the Hard Rock Hotel and more to be won.

So treat yourself and your family this year with a most splash-tacular Christmas present!

House of Dancing Water, City of Dreams, Macau, Thu-Mon, +853 8868 6767 or Hong Kong toll free 800 900 783;

To celebrate the show's fifth anniversary, The House of Dancing Water is presenting a special offer until December 15. Purchase a B reserve ticket and enjoy a free upgrade to A reserve, plus ticket holders also have the chance to win one of 555 prizes in a lucky draw! Prizes include a luxury Costa Cruise package for four, Nikon DLSR cameras, hotel stays, food and beverage tokens and show souvenirs. To purchase tickets and get in on the offer, call 800 900 783 (Hong Kong toll free) or visit

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